Welcome to NSGLOBALHOST.net

If you came here to report a domain that's being hosted with nsglobalhost.net, please use the following contact methods:

1) Abuse Department*: email abuse @ nsglobalhost.net
2) Support/Sales/Other: please contact your webhost

*NOTE: This email may only be used for ABUSE-RELATED complaints only. Any messages not respecting this rule will be completely ignored. Examples of abuse reports: email spam complaints, illegal hosted material, IRC-bots, etc. Sufficient evidence must be provided in compliance with local laws, with domain name, nameservers, IPs and other relevant information, else your case will not be reviewed. Due to large number of queries, we may not be able to respond to each complaint directly, but all valid issues will be dealt with accordingly within 48 hours or less.


Q1) How do I preview my site, the IP doesn't seem to work?

Answer: To preview your site without using your domain name, use http://servername.nsglobalhost.net/~username where "servername" is the name assigned to your server (usually given by your provider) and "username" is your control panel username. Please note that this may not work depending on your webhost's security settings.

Q2) Is my site down?

Answer: First check www.currentlydown.com with your domain name. If you are unable to access your site but the report shows your website as up, your IP may have been blocked by the server's firewall for a security reason (such as failed login attempts or mod_security rule triggers). Please contact your webhost for assistance in getting unblocked in such case. However, if the report shows that the server is down, it is likely the server is experiencing one of the following issues:

- Server overload caused by too many processes
- Excessive Spam abuse
- Scheduled Maintenance
- A temporary httpd/DNS resolution problem

All servers are actively monitored, thus no action is required on your part if one of these cases occur. It is usually resolved as soon as possible. Please contact your webhost for further details.